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"Without the proper frame, a painting loses 100% of it's effect", Eduardo Manet once remarked. Like most all artists and most serious collectors, Manet knew that the way a work is framed crucially affects how it is appreciated. In fact, framers perform one of the most overlooked but important tasks-setting into place the border between a work of art and the world. Their efforts can grab a pair of browsing eyes and direct their gaze into the very heart of the painting, drawing or photograph, often without the viewers even noticing.

Museum Quality Framing owner James Brent brings 20 years experience to the Ventura County area. Original and unique is what you will find at Museum Quality. Whether searching for original works of art or prints, the gallery is equipped with resources to locate what you desire.

Our friendly staff is composed of experienced framers and designers, always ready to assist you with unique ideas while respecting your budget.

We strive for unbeatable service such as; complimentary deliveries & pickups in local areas, as well as on-site design services.

Quality, integrity & customized service forms the backbone of Museum Quality Framing.

Come in and visit the gallery today and be sure to check back for upcoming events and new releases!

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