Virtual Framing Example

Our new Virtual Framing system will show you exactly what your finished framing project will look like before you place your custom framing order! We can instantly, magically, with only the click of a button, show you exactly what your finished project will look like completely framed. Want to compare choices? Another click and we can show you side-by-side comparisons!

How it Works

Simply bring in your art or image to our gallery as you normally would for design and framing services. We will then prepare a few designs using our mat and frame samples which we display on the walls in our design center. Once we have a few designs ready for viewing, we will then capture the art and samples via a ceiling mounted digital camera. From there it's just a couple of clicks with the mouse and within a few seconds you will be viewing your image completely framed!

A Design Complete, with Confidence
Integrated Framer Screenshots

Once your designs are picked and you are viewing what your design will look like before it is framed, it may be time to take a copy to your home or office for review! At that time we can either email or print a full color copy of your virtual design! Once you are sure that the selections for framing are absolutely perfect, your order can then be processed with 100% sure confidence!

Frameshop World

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